YOUR MOTTO IS: Adventure Awaits

You are a solo professional, a solo-preneur, with the soul of an adventurer...

Travel is what drives you, and inspires you every single day.


Life is full of opportunities and you love living them all,

from the vibrant & passionate to the quiet & calm moments.

You THIRST to make the most of every minute of life.

You LIVE to see the world & experience new things.

You LOVE your business and your mission is to serve.

Your business should be a part of your life, but not ONLY your life

You do what you love, and love what you do...

But that's not your reality...

Leadership & Empowerment: Getting to the top takes knowledge, skills and the time to spend on your own mindset.


As an entrepreneur, I know what it's like to want to build a business that makes a difference...but also to live life on your own terms.


It just doesn't start that way and you're not alone.


I first started my business and wondered how I would ever get to hours even 30 of work a week. I've then gone to the other extreme of working late each night and on weekends due to more work than I could handle.

Through my journey, I've learned to create a life of adventure and still have my business. It just no longer runs my life.


I teach my clients this same process (step-by-step) so that you can get the same results as me. By following your inner wisdom (your intuition), maximizing your habits, and marketing more effectively, you will create your dreams too!



Skincare & cosmetics are a vehicle to help women feel confident in their own beauty and power.


Graphic design creates your style and marketing then takes your brand to your audience with the correct message.


Leadership & Empowerment:

Getting to the top takes knowledge, skills and time management to create a winning business.




Eugene, Oregon

Livermore, California


Available by Appointment Only


Cell phone: 925.989.5693

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