"I help women share their inner badass with the world."

For the past 12 years, I have run my own graphic design, web design & marketing business, helping business by developing marketing strategies and growing their business. In addition, I've spent the last 4 years teaching women to be entrepreneurs by having their own business, growing their confidence and empowering them to work towards their dreams.


I've always enjoyed working with female business owners, playing on the professionalism but also giving their business a feminine element. I love helping women live their greatest lives by developing their confidence in themselves and their business. 


My expertise in branding & marketing, as well as empowering women, gives me the unique background to help business women work to their strengths and develop their own brand.

Women are strong and we should focus on our strengths, rather than comparing ourselves to men, or even each other's strengths. Every woman's definition of badass is different, but every woman has it within her. That's why I want to inspire each women to discover and liver her inner badass!

I work in communities of women that support each other and raise each other up.

On a Personal Note...


love my new home of Eugene, Oregon but enjoy the access to travel the world. I have family in New Zealand and Europe and work remotely even when I travel. I love my work and love that I can work for any where while doing it!


My hobbies include hiking, camping and just exploring in general. I am in LOVE with the green that appears each spring - maybe because the winters are a bit grayer than CA and that bright colors just makes me happy.

My baby is my Mustang GT; work on it myself, and have on-going plans for it as well..

I love to travel and see the world...no, I LIVE to travel and see the world. It's a passion I had put on the back burner but have recently rediscovered. I love to work, and I love to work for other things that I enjoy too. My goal is to create the freedom I have in my life for other women as well.



Eugene, Oregon

Livermore, California


Available by Appointment Only


Cell phone: 925.989.5693

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