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Coaching for
who dream of a life of

I will help you find the flow and synchronicity in your business and life...because your business should be helping you create your dreams...not holding you back from living them.



5 Steps to Living Your Life of Adventure

What's driving your life/business?
Let me help you live your best life!


What's the best that could  happen?

You are a solo professional, or a solo-preneur, with the soul of an adventurer...

Freedom is what drives you, and inspires you every single day.


Life is full of opportunities and you love living them all,

from the vibrant & passionate to the quiet & calm moments.

Imagine if your life really was the best it could be in each moment...

Imagine being

  • Connected to your heart and heart's desires

  • Living as the best version of yourself

  • Connected to your intuition, your body and your feminine energy

  • Supported to delegate or expand your business

  • In alignment to your maxed out business

  • Making more money AND working less

  • Living your purpose

  • Elevated in your vibration

  • Changing your mindset to have it work FOR your

This is what I help my clients achieve. Let's chat about creating it for you too!

Leadership & Empowerment: Getting to the top takes knowledge, skills and the time to spend on your own mindset.


Some days you work an extra hour or two, or even late into the night to complete all the work you have... but then a few days a week becomes the norm.

Soon you are regularly working late into the evening, skipping dinner with loved ones and passing up on activities with friends.


Other days, you can’t sleep worrying if you’ll have enough work and projects to get you through your bills this month.


Maybe you’ve even started to lose the passion for your business as each day seems like a never ending to do list. Each day you're fighting fires and not actually moving closer to your dreams.

Many business owners end up in this stage. It's ok, it's normal, and it shows that you are growing.


But it doesn't have to be this way.

I've been where you are and have come out on the other side. I now help my clients see the same results in their own lives.

Reclaim your life! Love your business! Live your dreams!

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As an entrepreneur, I know what it's like to want to build a business that makes a difference...but also to live life on your own terms.


It just doesn't start out in the perfect balance and sometimes can be so overwhelming.  Just know that you're not alone.


When I started my business at 22, I wondered how I would ever get to hours even 30 of work a week. I quickly found myself at the other extreme of 80 hour weeks, working late each night and on weekends, because I didn't know how to grow my business sustainably and keep space for me.

Through my journey, I've learned to create a life of adventure and still have my business. It just no longer runs my life.


I teach my clients this same process (step-by-step) so that you can get the same results to achieving your dreams. By following your inner wisdom (your intuition), reprogramming your beliefs, maximizing your habits, and revisiting your marketing and business systems, you will create your dreams too!


Intuition & Confidence

Confidence comes from inside, when you learn to trust yourself and listen to your intuition. When you have confidence, you can do anything!


Once you've defined your lifestyle and shifted your mindset, you can rebuild/adjust your business to suit it.

Positivity &

Your mindset controls your destiny. I focus on shifting & healing your mindset to support your goals!

This will change your life.

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