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Interview with Alyssa

What exactly do you teach as a Business & Mindset Coach?

Running a business is a large part of my clients’ identity, and often while they look successful to others, they feel like they are barely holding it together or continue to hit roadblocks.


I work with clients to understand what success looks like for you, and how to create your dream life so that your business supports it. While marketing and strategy are vital to any business, mindset is the foundation of every single thought and action you take. I help you shift your mindset by removing limiting beliefs and replacing them with supportive beliefs so that success becomes inevitable.


Mindset and personal growth is an on-going process and many of my clients have been working on this, however, there comes a point when you have reached the edge of where you can get on your own. That’s where I step in. As a ThetaHealing® and Intuitive Success Coach, I help you tap into your intuitive and feminine energy to create a space for healing, planning and growth. Once that has been set, we then create a strategy for taking action.


There is both an art and a science to growing a business, and a balance to feminine and masculine energy. These skills are what I help you master. Being a business owner requires a combination of mental toughness & mindset, good habits, and specific skills to grow your business.


I work with clients to create a detailed roadmap for your business, based on your goals. You can’t move toward with focus without a specific destination in mind. Once you create your end destination, we will build on foundational skills to create base habits. We then explore your intuition, success habits, marketing, mindset, leadership and more! All layering on to build your skills for success in your business and industry.

I combine energy + neuroscience to shift your mindset and beliefs, then help you develop high performance habits & business strategies so that your success becomes inevitable.


How long have you been doing what you do?

I have been a marketing consultant and strategist for over 12 years now, where I have been teaching and helping business owners to grow their businesses. I’ve been empowering women to live their best lives, learn the skills of entrepreneurs and discover their own confidence for over 4 years now. In the last year, I formalized my coaching practice and have a curriculum that is standardized and repeatable for clients to follow.


How did you get to be a Business & Mindset Coach?

It all comes back to following my intuition & my passions in life. I built my first website at 12 years old, for the fun of it. I then fell into graphic design, web design in college and realized that I loved the psychology of marketing. I started my design & marketing company in college and continued to learn. I’m a very motivated self-learner so I am constantly researching & studying complimentary skills to expand my expertise. This drive has empowered my business and elevated my hands-on experience in marketing & business development for myself and for clients.


In my journey of personal and business development, I became trained and certified in ThetaHealing®  and also completed a yearlong Intuitive Success Coaching course so that I could be better in touch with my intuition and internal guidance. The process was so elevating and expansive that I realized this had been part of my journey to grow into my purpose: empowering other women to live their best, badass lives.


I now utilize ThetaHealing®, intuition, NLP and other modalities to heal and shift mindset beliefs and then help clients move into business and marketing strategy with a rock solid foundation of faith in themselves and their dreams.


By creating and living my dream life, I realized that I needed to help other women be able to do the same.


I know that confident women can achieve anything we set our minds to, and that you each have everything you need inside of you. Sometimes it just takes a little outside perspective to see it.

What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® is a modality of entering into a Theta brain wave state and calling in the energy that is in the world around us, to produce instant and permanent changes at a cellular level. In ThetaHealing®, I connect with the Creator of All That Is to witness healings: from this highest plane of existence the transformation has perfect integrity and is always done in the highest and best way.


A Theta state is almost a hypnosis state where you reprogram your mind. As children, we spend the first 7 years of life in a theta brain wave pattern as that is when we are developing our beliefs and ‘rules’ of the world. This is our subconscious learning the programs that we will carry on auto-pilot for the rest of our lives.


It is for this reason that entering a Theta state allows us to connect with the subconscious and shift those beliefs. Neuroscientists use Theta brain wave states to reprogram the brain through guided meditations as well as other processes.


As a ThetaHealer, I enter a Theta state when working with clients to receive guidance on what you most need to heal, and the best way to address it for you. Sometimes the changes are instant, and sometimes it takes time to dig through all the beliefs holding them in place. We also use muscle testing to determine that the beliefs have shifted. There is amazing knowledge and wisdom within your body, as it is most directly connected to your subconscious, and we tap into it.

I combine energy work like this, with scientific research in psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics.


What is an Intuitive Success Coach?

Intuitive Success Coaching is the process of waking up to your gifts and clearing the mental, physical and emotional blocks that stop your natural ability to live your full potential and best life. By following your intuition, it allows the energy of love, peace, joy, happiness and prosperity to flow. With this training, I help clients become clearer on their vision and connect with their intuition to find the best path for them.


Science has shown that we are receptive to minute signals that our conscious mind does not even notice, and we subconsciously process all of this in milliseconds. Listening to your intuition is actually a vital skill to creates greater ease and joy in your life and business, while achieving prosperity.


Why do you believe that coaching is so valuable?

With anything in life, receiving the guidance of someone who has been through your situation helps to bring you through the learning process faster. Coaching is a part of sports, business, personal and life coaches, to name just a few.


I have run my own business since college (over 13 years) and I have worked with a variety of coaches as I progressed through different levels of my business. I know that my success today is due to my investments in taking guidance and advice from my coaches. Each coach had a unique specialty and I was drawn to them by my intuition.


I have always understood that there is only so far I can see by myself and that by reaching up to a helping hand, I gain another’s perspective and experience to get me to their level faster. I have had coaches specializing in brain science, intuition and life purpose, executive coaching, and theta healing.


I overcame countless personal and business obstacles with the support of my coaches. Knowing how crucial this is to business success, I couldn’t let these skills and lessons go unshared with the world.


Who are your clients exactly?

I work with self-employed, independent professionals and entrepreneurs just like you, who are running their own business, most do not yet have a team, but want to learn how to leverage ther time to live their dream life. They are really good at what they do but are struggling to run & manage a business, market themselves and get more clients, all at the same time!


I work with a variety of industries and professions, but the one thing that unites these women (and men) is that they have a passion and a dream in their heart that their business is helping them build. My own personal passion is to travel and see the world and experience new cultures and I magnetically attract others who feel the same. 


My clients have an inner ‘badass’ and for each woman, this is unique but it is an essential part of who they are and how they express themselves. Rather than being defined by their business, their business is just one part of who they are: powerful, fierce women!


What happens if you haven't yet worked with people in my field?

What I love about the systems I teach is that it is more about you, the business owner, and your mindset. Marketing has best practices that can be adjusted for any field and I have worked with such a variety of industries that I know how to tailor it to your business. Additionally, having a fresh perspective in your field helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract your ideal clients to you.


I have worked with a wide variety of industries and have most likely worked with your industry before as well.



How are you different from other coaches?

I coach on and focus on systems to create a strong foundation for your success. While our customized sessions are invaluable and my clients’ favorite part, I am also teaching you the fundamentals of running and owning a business so that you have systems to build on, even when our time together comes to a close. I empower my clients, to ensure that you can succeed with tangible takeaways throughout the process.


In addition, I am a female business owner, working to support other women business owners. I believe that each of us has our own unique talents and although we learn to navigate in a man’s world, we still work best when we embrace our feminine talents.


Having worked with female solo-professionals and entrepreneurs for 13+ years branding and marketing their business, I am now taking my services deeper to offer a more comprehensive solution where I help you grow as a business owner while growing your business as well.

I integrate practical skills while helping you strengthen your intuition so that you can live your best life.


How do I know you can help me?

I know because not only is the process the same process that I have taken to reach success in my business and life, my clients are experiencing it too.


I am the activator of your true potential, and guide you along so that you have more time and freedom, while making more money, in 12 months or less.


I find that the clients I can help best are drawn to me – your intuition will speak to you and it will feel good at the thought of working with me.


What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

I work best with women who are excited and impassioned about their business. They have a strong work ethic, great communication skills and are women of their word. As a high achiever and go-getter myself, I work great with other women who have these skills because I understand you and the fire that drives you.


I expect that you do want to grow your business and that you will show up & be present at our sessions and follow through on your homework. When I am with you, you have my undivided attention and I want you to be able to get the most benefit from it.


In turn, consider yourself in a hands-on learning course. You will be expected to take consistent action, without excuses. You have dreams to create!

For what type of professional is this program NOT going to work?

I want the best for my clients and I want you to see results from working with me.  I’m very selective with who I work with and hand pick who I work with and (gently) turn away those who are not suited to work with me. Your Introductory Intuitive Session will help us get to know each other and confirm that we work well together.


My program is not for people who are in financial crisis. I find that they are too stressed out and are not prepared to take action on the steps I recommend. If you are in this position, that’s ok. We’ve all been there are one point or another and now is the time to focus on immediate, consistent income and you can build your business on the side.


How will we work together and what does the program entail?

I offer several package levels customized to my clients’ needs and role in business. Each package includes regular meetings with me, where we work on your current goals and challenges. In addition, you receive weekly video trainings and worksheets that go alongside with your personal coaching sessions, to move your business forward. All are easy to follow, proven habits and then on top of that, you receive accountability, support and customized coaching in your sessions.


Growing a business is a process, and is not accomplished in just writing the business plan or doing a couple of exercises - you need to live it each day. Coaching is similar in that sitting down to meet once or twice will help, but doesn’t guarantee results. I have created several packages to ensure that we develop success steps, and then meet regularly. By doing this, we build a foundation of good habits in your business and then continue to face new challenges that come up in your business – together. This will create the lasting results you are looking for.

The benefits of coaching are cumulative: each week we build on the work accomplished in the previous coaching session.

Ok, I’m ready to take action and do this for myself, how do I get started?

Great! Taking action is one of the most common traits of successful people! Being decisive and taking educated risks leads to success faster through continual movement. As they say, it just “felt right”. Following that intuitive gut instinct is how these people make decisions. Since it feels right, go for it.


To get started, contact me by email or at my cell phone: 925.989.5693. I can’t wait to meet you in person or online!


I’m ready to take action but have a few more questions. Can I call you?

Good, sounds like you’re ready to make your own future. If you have a couple of questions, I will be happy to answer them to help you make a decision on your best package that will suit you. I can’t wait to see you succeed.


To ask a few more questions, contact me by email or on my cell phone at 925.989.5693.

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