Do you dream of adventure, yet find that your business is not allowing you to get away? Whether the idea of taking a vacation gives you a nervous breakdown, or you're struggling to pay bills let alone spend it on a getaway, I'm here for you. I've been where you are and am here to lead you out of it.

You are enough to create your vision, but sometimes you just need a helping hand to get you there - a hand to lift you up over the wall so that you can see what's just above you.

In your introductory Intuitive Success session (in person or by phone) we will explore your limiting beliefs and get clear on your vision for the future. From there, we will explore a plan for you to move forward, remove those limiting beliefs and achieve your dreams!

Let's chat to explore the idea of us mapping out your path to live your dreams, be your authentic self and make more money!!

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Eugene, Oregon

Livermore, California


Available by Appointment Only


Cell phone: 925.989.5693

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