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We have a very special guest from Australia joining us in February for the Universal Language of LOVE Classes!!!  As you know Abby and I have been teaching these  class for a couple of months now and people are LOVING IT!!!

In this month long training, we will teach you  how to access your intuition, heal,
break through blocks that have been holding you back in the past and rise to the next level of success in business and in life.

We are here to support in this journey upwards to greater life, health, wealth and success.  Join our community for live coaching calls & step by step guidance of the intuitive success coaching process.

Class & Coaching Dates: (Please NOTE The Time Zone In Your Area)

  • USA: March 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd @ 12:30-1:30pm or 4-5 pm PST

  • AUS: March 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd @ 7:30-8:30am or 11am-12

  • NZ: March 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd @ 9:30-10:30am or 1-2pm

Join Me

March, Mondays @ 12:30-1:30 or 4-5pm pst

Learn more at the Universal Language of Love



Eugene, Oregon

Livermore, California


Available by Appointment Only


Cell phone: 925.989.5693

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