• Alyssa

3 Ways to Retrain Your Thoughts & Shift Your Beliefs

Negative Beliefs

Every person has ingrained beliefs that we’ve developed, many in childhood but also through adulthood as well. In some ways, our brain tries to simplify things so that we don’t have to make decisions all day long (imagine thinking about brushing your teeth, cooking breakfast, fastening your seat belt, etc. all day long! You’d be exhausted by the time you got out of the house). So, our brain develops habits in autopilot to help us survive. These can be good and bad; we use less brain power, but some of our habits are not actually helping us to reach our goals.

On top of that, our brain develops beliefs from our experiences. These experiences can be either Trauma (big events) or trauma (little events), and sometimes just daily events or conversations that our brain turns into a belief. The purpose being that we avoid things that could kill us. If we survived a situation by acting a certain way, our brain decides that is the best situation because we survived. It may not even be life threatening, but could be related to stress and anxiety in your life. Your body has found patterns that it follows as it keeps you alive.

There are many ways to reprogram and rewire your brain and beliefs. I’m going to cover the ones that I personally know that most about and have experienced: Theta Healing, NLP & EFT Tapping.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing is the process of going into a Theta state, and either with yourself (if you are trained) or a practitioner, to discover the issues that are plaguing you and find solutions to them. Through Theta Healing, you can change your beliefs, thoughts and even physical chemistry by entering a Theta state and connecting with Source to witness the changes or healing. Through a process called Digging, you will discover the source of your beliefs. Whether you have created them, have picked up from past lives, from ancestry or even if they are soul beliefs. moving into a theta state, we are able to consciously access our thoughts, while also maintaining a level of frequency to better modify our thoughts.

As a Theta Healer, having completed the Basic DNA course, I have worked on my own blockages as well as helped other professionals remove their beliefs that are blocking their progress.

This is actually a relatively simple process, but takes time to fully understand and learn the complexities. It requires ‘witnessing’ the changes and should be performed by a trained professional. Theta healing helps with reprogramming limiting beliefs and money beliefs, heal chronic pain and illness, and overall lead to optimal health, wellness and living.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is on the connection between neurological processes, language and behavior. Essentially, our experiences are based on our emotions at the time and through several techniques, you can reprogram your thoughts, beliefs and habits to thrive at a higher level. This can range from Anchoring the feelings and resources you need in your current situation, or needed in a previous situation in your Timeline, or no longer need in your life. There are a variety of techniques within NLP that can help you change your current experience to move forward and upward. This is also best implemented with a trained professional, but is a relatively simple process.

NLP is a part of my Intuitive Success coaching and these techniques are utilized as needed with my clients. I have personally seen the results and improvements from NLP in my own life and know how valuable they can be. As with anything, it’s about choosing the right tool for job.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping

EFT Tapping focuses on meridian points (or energy points) that affect your current state and help restore and balance your body’s energy. EFT Tapping focuses on identifying the issue (as do the previous 2) and then acknowledging the issues, accepting yourself despite the problem, and then focusing on the solution or change you will experience moving forward, all while tapping and balancing your energy spots.

EFT is probably the easiest to explore and get a taste of - there are many videos by EFT professionals on specific problems and issues that they help you tap out. Keep in mind, EFT tapping is highly customized to your unique needs and is also best experienced with a trained professional to get complete resolution.

EFT tapping is an area I am currently exploring and practicing on myself to see if it is an area of practice that will be valuable to my clients. So far, it has been a huge part of helping my morning routine to create powerful days!

The subconscious mind is very stubborn, but also can be taught new habits and techniques. These three techniques are all ways to help change your mind and mindset so that you can move forward with living your dream life.