• Alyssa

A Girl and her Mustang

What I love about the Mustang GT is that I bought a car with an awesome engine and the options to upgrade it and customize it as I want. Yes, stock the Mustang has some downfalls (soft suspension, body roll, stamped steel parts….) but it means that over time I am customizing my car to suit my needs and my driving requirements.

Although a Mustang without an independent rear suspension will never cling to the road the way many of the Japanese makes it, I also get to drive a muscle car with 420hp! The best part is being part of this process as I upgrade my car and understanding how a sway bar affects the drive and testing said sway bar at different stiffness settings. It’s a learning process that teaches me more about my car and also about driving. (I’ll get to this in another post, but suffice to say that I learned a lot about my car in AutoX this past weekend.)