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Always Be Marketing... How Important Is Marketing for My Business?

Marketing is like planting a garden, the day after you plant the seed, you can’t be digging it up to see if it is growing. You won’t be eating/smelling the results of your efforts before it has had a chance to grow. (Well hold up, technically, you could sign up a client from your first social media post, first networking meeting, etc., you just shouldn’t expect instant results).

In fact, the results of your current efforts usually show up in 3-6 months. When I was first building my design and marketing business, I would go to 2 networking events a week until I was so busy with work I had to focus on the work. Those pauses where I took a break from networking showed up 3 months later when my pipeline would dry up and I would have to go out and maximize networking all over again! My business became much more consistent once I created a strong marketing plan that focused on consistency, rather than squeezing as much in at once.

Consistency in Marketing

The way to look at this is to understand the marketing pie and how to use the marketing pie to grow your business. You have multiple areas where you can invest your energy to grow your business, so pick the top 3 to start with and make a plan to do those on a weekly basis.

Create a plan that you can continue week after week so that you are sowing your garden and creating the foundation for your business.

Always Be Marketing

Even if people aren’t buying, or can’t be buying at the moment, you must still be continuing to be visible: adding value and serving your customers.

How many of your customers/clients are stuck at home at the moment and are spending time creating wish lists and online shopping plans for what they want to purchase in the next few months? Many people are home, and almost all are looking at a new way of life. These next few months will create dramatic shifts in behavior and purchases and sharing your knowledge and wealth now means that they will be finding you in preparation for their future purchase.

What can you be doing today to serve your customers and add value?

Marketing Mindset

Remember that marketing means understanding how your clients are thinking. What is driving them? What is their pain point? How can you help them solve their problems?

A powerful activity is to spend an hour or two without distractions writing down all the pain points your clients have, and then three ways you can address each pain point. After that, get together with someone who has great insight and mastermind over your ideas as well. (Another business owner in the same position is excellent!).

So how important is marketing to your business? Extremely important! Some say it should be a set allocation of your budget (often 15-20%), so keep this in mind and make sure you are spending your time and energy marketing your business.

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