• Alyssa

Are You Getting a Little Tired of It All? How to Bring Inspiration & Joy Back

Do you notice how themes show up in your life? Yesterday I received several bursts of inspiration on how to find inspiration in your life again when you lose it.

Then in a meeting yesterday with a power partner, he brought up how there's a lot of COVID fatigue out there. Even businesses that have been doing well are tired after 15 months of pandemic activities & pandemic news.

And it's true that this pandemic is causing a lot of burnout. But it's also a cycle that happens in your life too. There's nothing wrong with burnout, lack of inspiration or lack of motivation...

As long as you use it as sign to revisit and readjust and make a new plan. Use it as a sign that you need (and are allowed) to take a break! Whether that means giving yourself more space in your days for a week or two, or taking a long weekend, or maybe even taking a week off, do it!

Burnout means that you are overworked and in a state of fight or flight mode. You've lost your creativity, your ability to connect and are just trying to survive.

Just know that you aren't alone. I've also been going through a process of reconnecting with my inspiration, because I want to feel AMPED each morning. Since I achieved my last few goals that amped me up...I need to find new ones. (It proves it works!)

These past few weekends, I've been taking myself on hikes and visiting rivers (Oregon rivers speak to my soul).

So how do you return to your inspiration?

Unless you have a vision of a future you are working towards, you are really just coasting along. Even being successful can feel like coasting when you've reached a certain level of success. ...and then boredom sets in for those of us who are high achievers. It's the joy of working towards a goal that keeps you inspired, not just in completing the goal. So what do you do to stay inspired when you have reached a level of success, or don't have a clear direction, or maybe even just don't know what you want?

I'm actually working on a new set of goals at this moment for myself and creating a new routine to get inspired each morning. My current routine works, but I know I can be waaaay more amped. I want to live in inspiration and excellence. I want to shake things up. Because there comes a point when a routine becomes that, a routine. Our brain loves to create habits from our regular actions so we can go into auto pilot, but as a habit it can become just another task. If your inspired action is just a task, then it isn't inspired! My favorite way of looking at this is that "A powerplant doesn't have energy...it generates it"

Brendon Burchard So I'm revisiting what I need to generate my own energy, inspiration and excitement.

And guess what?! Taking time to breathe, to just be, and to not have to know the answer is actually what will help me come across my inspiration. Taking time off, taking breaks and taking me time are all part of my plan. How often do you revisit your goals, your dreams and your habits?

I work with clients to find that inspiration and clarity to have a dream that pulls you forward, and then work on your mindset to create habits that make your success inevitable.

If you're feeling stuck, or uninspired in your life or business, schedule a Magical Manifesting call with me. Yes, I've renamed my call to better align with what I help my clients do - manifest your dreams with ease! Let's talk and we can decide if now is the time to take action.

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Much love & light,