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Are You Investing in Marketing Wisely In Your Business?

If you’ve been trying to grow your business by investing your energy & time doing all your own marketing, you’re actually losing money.

In the end, this actually costs you more than hiring someone to support you in this because your focus and efforts are split.

As a business owner you have so many hats to wear, but in the end your most important (and revenue generating!) activities are connecting with your audience, and serving your clients.

Your clients choose to work with YOU because of who you are. Your authentic voice is what they want to hear. That is the marketing that you should do.

But you don’t need to spend your time and energy learning how to set up email campaigns, how to do SEO, how to edit your own site…. That is time spent learning tasks that take you away from serving your clients.

You are smart, intuitive, and good at what you do. You understand marketing and the message you want to share with your clients. You are also tired of running everything by yourself.

My thoughts on marketing:

Are you investing in marketing wisely? Investing time, or money, is all investing. In the end, your time becomes the most valuable part.

Having a business shouldn’t mean working 10-12+ hour days, working evenings, or weekends to get it all done.

Having a successful business means that you have freedom & flexibility to live the life you want.
Because you spend your time wisely, take focused action and implement the right marketing. When you market well, you get more clients and make more income and invest so that you don't spend more time working.
In fact, the more you make, the more you should have the freedom to take hours or days off at a time.

I invite you to chat with me, where we discuss your business and how you can make more money, get more clients and spend less time working to have the freedom you dream of.

I help clients with marketing in two separate ways:

1) Coaching you in marketing: providing you the priority actions you should take, and creating examples that you can work from to generate your own materials

2) Consulting for you: where I set up your marketing systems & advise you, so that you can focus on your income producing activities

I only work with clients where are attuned and aligned to each other, so let’s chat to see if it’s a good fit. Schedule a Reclaim Your Badass Life call!

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