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Beat the Monotony of Your Day – How to Bring Excitement Back into Your Life

We’ve all been at the point where life loses its joy; it becomes a day of monotony or dread:

· Hitting snooze just once more, and once more, until suddenly you’re 30 minutes late!

· Getting a sinking feeling on Sunday because you don’t want to return to work on Monday

· Sitting at your desk feeling lost, like each day is just a long list of mind-numbing tasks

· Regular tasks that you dread and procrastinate on, so they just hang over your head longer

It’s a part of life and a part of being human really. Whether a business owner or a parent, there are days when the tasks you must do become something to dread. There are ways to find joy in even the most mundane moments.

If you've lost your passion, or feel like your day is full of chores/tasks to complete, then this quick video has 2 simple tips on how to overcome that.

Layering on that last blog of focusing on your goals, here are a few steps to bring joy back into your life.

Have a sense of purpose.

This is the most vital point. If you have no greater purpose or dream in life, you will lose motivation and joy in the small things. If there is no future driving you forward, the present will become very stale (no matter how much you enjoy it in the beginning). Choose a dream you want to create in your life.

I work with clients to help create this goal that helps them grow, while also staying in the range of realistic, and then set up a plan to reach it. I’ve found through my years as a business owner that staying on track with my goals requires the extra support and help from a coach who has the expertise I need to get there.

Live your dream – now!

Visualization is an extremely powerful tool to use. Olympic athletes use it, top performers use it, etc., those who succeed know how to use it as one more tool to reach their goals. When you see yourself living your dream, when you feel it and experience as it is happening, the universe works to bring it to you. But not only that, it excites you! Seeing this future happening to you in a moment of time brings your passion to light in a way that feels more achievable.

I personally read and visualize my affirmations every morning as part of my routine. Not only does it bring them front of mind, it also excites me for the reality I am creating. This system I share with my clients, and hold them accountable, to create the success habits needed to achieve their dreams.

Find Excitement Daily & Weekly

What is your Highlight of the Week? Or even your Highlight of the Day? These are events that you plan ahead of time and then get to look forward to. The sense of anticipation of this event helps add vibrancy to your day by breaking down the tasks now that will create that event in your life soon.

I also reflect in gratitude, on what my Highlight of the Day and Week is at the end of the day or week. Maybe something joyfully unexpected happened and it just made your day. Celebrate it!

Another way to focus on this is a visual gratitude ‘journal’. At my lowest point, I set a goal to take a picture of something I was grateful for every single day, and post it to Facebook. That way I had accountability, but also had people to share my happens moments with each day. Since I had to take a picture of this as well, there were times that I had to be creative to represent my gratitude.

The hardest part of being stuck in the drudgery or monotony of each day is not knowing if you can get out of it, or if it will ever end. As someone told me yesterday, the unique aspect of my coaching style is that I look at you as a business owner – as a complete whole. Your life affects your business and your business affects your life; I bring harmony to these two areas to help you move towards your goals.

I invite you to join me for a free intro Intuitive Success Coaching session to discuss your concerns and explore how we can bring the joy back into your day and life.

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