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Black Lives Matter - How to Elevate Our Roles in Society

In light of recent events, I want to address the Black Lives Matter movement. Black Lives Matter isn’t about that they are the only ones that matter, it means that they extremely pressing issues that we need to address in society today.

I'm working to make a difference by speaking openly on social media. I encourage discussions and getting informed so that I can take action too.

We all know that not everyone is treated equally. For me personally, the ones I notice most are that men earn more than women, women have discriminations and stereotypes against them if they are too masculine, etc. I notice this because I was lucky to be born with a skin color that doesn’t make me stand out. It’s the issue that affects me personally so I notice it most. But we all know it’s there.

The same is said for racism. We do all know that it exists, but for those of us who are white, it doesn’t actually affect our daily lives so we don’t think about it.

Enough is enough. Now is the time to take a stand.

It is not fair that people walk in fear because they will be judged by their skin. This fear is built into every aspect of their life.

I am wary to walk alone or be alone at night for fear of rape…because it’s an issue relevant to me. It should not be a fear but unfortunately I take that into account in where I go and what I do if I am alone. I don’t hike alone, I don’t go places that are a little too quiet alone, etc.

But I don’t fear the police. I don’t fear that they might decide I’m suspicious and take me to jail. Or to hold me down even after I stop struggling while I can’t breathe…

I admit that I have a lot of work to do on myself as well. I am not nearly well informed enough to be anti-racist.

Because that’s the truth, it’s not enough to not be racist. We need to take a definitive stand to be anti-racist. To fight racism anywhere that we see it, and proactively step up to support those who are victims of racism.

I’ve purchased Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor and will read White Fragility next (a review/summary on White Fragility). There are also blogs and articles to read, public figures to follow and our fellow friends and neighbors to listen to.

It has never been acceptable but we have been lax in fighting all aspects of racism. Now is the time to end that. We can’t change society in a day, but we can change ourselves and influence those around us.

Many of us have larger networks, being a part of business networking groups, women leadership groups, schools, churches, etc. We are leaders in our community and must take the responsibility.

One way I’m doing this is by sharing information on my social networks, where I have both personal and business connections. We need to talk about this, we need to start conversations and we must take action. No more letting things slide because they don’t affect us.

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