• Alyssa

How Challenges Help You Reach Your Dreams Faster

To live your dream life, you can’t just write affirmations and visualize them.

Now, that is definitely a huge part of the process, but it isn’t the only work you need to do.

When you plan for your dream, do you also plan for challenges along the way?

Challenges are going to come up on your journey no matter what happens. Pretending like they won't happen will actually work against you. Then they surprise you and can throw you off course, rather than being the growth point they need to be.

Living life is like building muscle. Unless there is resistance, you will not actually build muscle and strength.

Unless there is resistance, you don’t have the contrast to know where you have gratitude.

Unless there is resistance, you cannot grow into the stronger, more equipped, confident version of you.

The first step to creating your dream is having a goal, or a vision of what you want to create.

From here you can create a plan, which you can break down into chunks to create your daily and weekly actions.

If you have a greater vision, but don’t make time for it or take the steps towards it then it’s always just a wish or a hope. Make a concentrated time to work towards your dream each day. 30 minutes is a great starting point! 30 minutes of consistent activity each day is more powerful than a day here, a few hours there. You aren’t able to gain momentum and instead have to stop and start the engine each time.

Now that you have a set goal, you can visualize yourself living it. You can see who your future self is that lives this life.

Your future self is your compass to reach that goal.

Step 2, is preparing for challenges and obstacles. A good leader, project manager, etc. all know to plan for the challenges so that when they happen, they have a plan already on how to mitigate the risks. This works in moving towards goals, stopping bad habits, etc.

If you want to eat healthier and feel more energetic, you know that you need to resist eating certain foods that don’t take you towards your goal. Rather than just saying “I can’t eat these foods”, where you have to rely on willpower or 100% commitment, have a plan.

Tell yourself (and take action).

“When I come home from work and am craving a snack, rather than opening the cupboards and eating the first thing I see, I will have pre-made snacks ready to go. I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have to make a decision on what I want to eat. I’ll know that I have a healthy snack and just go straight to it.”

You only have the brain power to make so many decisions a day. The less small decisions you have to make, the more energy you can spend on making important decisions.

So back to planning for challenges. When you are aware of the challenges you face, you can have an action plan ready to go for when they come up. It won’t throw you off path.

When writing your list of challenges, they can be based on outside circumstances as well as your internal reactions.

For example, working on your business rather than just in your business.

1) You are too busy and don’t have time to carve out 30 minutes for marketing/strategy etc.

2) You make the time for focused planning, but then a client calls

3) Your child is sick and so they have to stay at home with you (you have to go pick them up)

4) You are in a bad mood and can’t focus on anything

For all of these, have a plan for how you will handle them. When you make a plan ahead of time, you are making these decisions in an elevated and positive state. Once these challenges show up, you know how to react and you know that you are reacting in a way that your future self would. You are prepared!

When you plan for possible challenges, you are prepared for them and actually overcome them faster, and with greater ease.

Now I challenge you. Write down 1 major goal that you have and write down 3 possible challenges that can come up that will delay or derail you along the way. Then write out 1-3 ways that you will handle each challenge when it arises.

You now have an action plan and a map to take you towards your goals.

If you’re tired of wishing and dreaming about your future, but haven’t yet found a way to get there, let’s chat! I love helping female entrepreneurs and career women bring their dreams into reality while up leveling all areas of their life. With a unique combination of mindset + brain hacks + strategy, I’ll teach you how to step into your future self and dream life. Schedule your Reclaim Your Badass Life call today!