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How does Intuitive Business Coaching Work?

What do I do?

I hate to put labels on myself in that it limits me, but in order to be able to explain it to you I need to give you an idea of what I do.

Officially, I’m a Business and Intuitive Success Coach, or an intuitive business coach. So what? What does that mean to you?

I empower female solo professionals and business owners to create their dream life of adventure, by creating a business they love. I’m an intuitive business coach, so I help with all areas of being a business owner, including marketing & branding, mindset & intuition and high-performance habits. Because your actions create your personality.

It means that I’ve created my dream life doing meaningful work and working with clients I love, and through those experiences, I’ve learned how to teach that to others as well. I help my clients create that too. I focus on business owners because I have a strong marketing background and experience, and I know that having a business changes your life.

I focus on entrepreneurs because I understand your passion and drive to do more, but also create more for yourself.

I also understand how your business can be overwhelming the rest of your life. The long hours, the stress and nighttime fears of ‘how will I make enough?’ and ‘I good enough to charge for this?’, ‘is this really what I’m meant to be doing?’

So, how does this help you?

You know that the biggest thing holding you back from your future is you. You create your reality.

So, if you are repeating the same ‘lessons’ or mistakes, it’s because of your inner beliefs or fears are preventing you from growing.

My clients need my support in marketing, but to get to the point that we refine their marketing, we first focus on them.

Through Theta Healing & NLP techniques, I have helped clients learn to know what it feels like to be confident as a leader, to feel themselves enjoying leadership, to know what it feels like to trust themselves, to know that earning money doing what they love can be easy…

Because the first step is knowing the feeling, the second step is having the belief to support them and then the third step is implementing!

Which we then work on by focusing on high performance habits to make the move of their day, but in the end, to create a remarkable life!

How does intuitive business coaching work?

It’s the science and the ‘woo’. I take my understanding psychology, marketing, quantum physics and combine it with the gut feeling of intuition. It’s trusting our feminine energy and trusting the wisdom in our bodies, not just our minds.

I teach you to trust yourself, because you have all the wisdom inside you, you may just need some blockages removed to fully trust it.

Intuitive business coaching is a process that is customized for each client, based on your current situation, your goals and our conversations together. I have a curriculum to create a foundation, but in addition, we work in 1:1 sessions to overcome your challenges and create a new way of living.

The awesome thing is, because I listen and follow my intuition, life just flows. My ideal clients are in the same place and just know that they need to work with me. I can teach you that too!

I currently have 6 spaces to work with me, it’s 1:1 private coaching with me. We’ll work on your mindset and limiting beliefs, I give you my all in custom sessions so that you create what you want.

If you are interested, shoot me a message and we can chat about it. If you’re ready, you’ll know and if you’re not, that’s fine too. My clients know that they need to work with me. If you’re ready to create your dream life with more abundance and flow, now’s the time to talk. If you don’t know what’s keeping you blocked, we’ll discover it.

Message me with any questions, or if you would like to learn if this is a good fit for you - we'll just chat. Book an intro intuitive session here:

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