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How Does ThetaHealing Help with Mindset Shifts?

As business & mindset coach,

I combine energy work + neuroscience to shift your mindset and beliefs, then help you develop high performance habits & business strategies towards your goals so that your success becomes inevitable.

Which I explain in further detail on my Interview with Alyssa page.

So why is mindset so important to living a high performing life? Because it is the foundation of all your actions and controls the level of your belief in yourself, which in turn drives your thoughts, actions and habits. Your mindset shapes who you are and the life you live.

This is why mindset shifts and belief work are the first step to achieving the next level of success.

ThetaHealing® and Mindset Work

ThetaHealing® is a technique and healing modality that utilizes the theta brainwave state to connect to the 7th plane to receive guidance, and to witness healings. It is working with an understanding of the quantum field (quantum physics) to utilize the energy from Source, or the universe, to witness shifts in beliefs and programming. These shifts change your mindset, your physical body (epigenetic is a piece of this, where your beliefs hold ailments to you) and other challenges that come up in your life.

I specialize in ThetaHealing® to help resolve limiting beliefs, teach feelings that will aid your journey, connect to your higher self and guides, and release other barriers that may come up. I initially trained in ThetaHealing® for my own benefit as a business owner, and after using it to practice on myself and change my life for several years, I finally understood the skill I had to help others as well.

There are many ways to shift beliefs, including NLP (neurolinguistic programming) where I help integrate resources and feelings into your body, EFT, hypnotherapy, meditation, entering a theta state, etc. But from my experience, ThetaHealing® is the fastest process with the most immediate results – they can be instantaneous.

That’s not to say it’s a miracle, cure all modality. Every ailment or challenge is tied to a core belief and digging through the layers of beliefs can sometimes take time. And as you already know, as you face new challenges, new beliefs will rise to the surface to block you. It’s a continual process of digging through the layers but you are always further along on your journey in the process.

How Does ThetaHealing® Work?

How does it work? I enter into a Theta state and will ask for guidance or insight based on my discussion with you, and then share what I see. We’ll do muscle testing to determine which beliefs you have (or don’t have), and I’ll ask questions to better understand the source of them. When we’ve found the core belief (which muscle testing will reveal, because your body is the direct connection to your subconscious) I’ll remove the limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that serve you in your goals.

This process requires a combination of intuitive guidance, connection to Source as well as deductive reasoning. I work best with clients who are intuitive, or want to become more intuitive, and are ready to make the changes they need to, to create the life they want. What you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore, are you ready to try something new?

As a Business & Mindset coach, there are three main areas that I support clients in, because I’ve found when these align, magic happens!

Mindset & Intuition – your mindset is the attitude and assumptions that control what you believe is possible, and connecting to your intuition, embracing your feminine energy in balance with masculine energy

High Performance Habits – the actions you take to build inspiration, and make your success inevitable

Manifestation – bringing your dreams to life through strategy/systems in your business, neuroscience & quantum law

Join my private Facebook group, where I offer regular free trainings. My upcoming class is on How to Take Action (On Your Dreams) will cover actionable steps to bring your dream into your life (manifestation!).

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