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How to be Your 'Future Self' to Create Your Future Reality

Your future self is another way of looking at the technique of future pacing, and is one way of conveying what I teach clients: to have a future goal that drives your daily life now.

To take that a step further, knowing your future self is about creating a future you want to live and understanding the person you need to be to live that reality. You’re probably aware that if you look back, 5 or 10 years, you are a different person than you were at that point in your life.

Different interests, habits, goals and challenges. And the same will be true for the future. Unfortunately, it’s easier to remember than to imagine a different future for most people, which is why change is the challenge.

If you’re watching this, I’m sure you are more aware than most people and have been more proactive in planning your life; creating goals and achieving them.

So what is the tipping point to creating a life you love…especially if you already know this? It’s the consistency of putting it into action and having accountability.

Consistently doing the activities to create your dreams will not only move you towards them each day, they will also become your habits of success.

Second, having accountability, in the form of a coach, partner, friend, colleague or even a specified accountability buddy will help keep you on course. Accountability relates to any part of your life, it’s why it’s easier to go to the gym or eat well when you are accountable to someone as there is someone outside of you.

On a side note, the most important person to make appointments with is yourself, but they are also the easiest ones for us to drop. I’ll talk on that another time.

So what are the steps to creating the life you want – your dream life.

1) Know Know Future – What it looks like; What you're doing in career, health, family, etc

2) Feel it & visualize yourself in that reality

3) Notice who you need to be, to live in that reality

4) Act as if you are already that person, how would you act if you were already that successful? More confident, bolder, happier?

Excited to implement but have challenges with consistency or accountability? That's where I come in (plus with coaching and insight to get you where you want to go). Schedule your Introductory Intuitive Session today!

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