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How To Create A Work / Life Balance That Works For You

Updated: May 3, 2021

The phrase ‘work / life balance’ is tossed around as an ideal to have when running a business or working, yet what does it really mean?

For each person it is different and for some it means working 9-5 and then turning off, while for others it means having a flexible schedule where they can have time off during the day, but then may be available to clients in the evening or on weekends.

The reality is that work / life balance isn’t a thing, check out this article, 5 Lies You Believe About Work-Life Balance That Simply Aren’t True

Having an unrealistic view of what a healthy balance looks like with regards to work and life often results in demotivation, depression, and burnout–three things that are not conducive to personal fulfillment. Since most people have inaccurate ideas of balance, they incorrectly assume that since they’re unhappy with work, they must be in a bad job and thus begins the never-ending cycle of finding a job, hating it, then quitting it in search of something better.

The reality is that everyone has their own ideal lifestyle, but life ebbs and flows and you won’t always be living in your ideal. There will be times of challenges and growth (the whole purpose of life is creation and expansion), so change is inevitable.

The most important part of creating your dream life is knowing what that looks like, so that you can feel that you have purpose in your daily actions.

What work do you want to be doing? How does it show up in your day?

What are your must-haves? (Flexibility, income, and what does that allow you to do?)

What does your vision of the future look like?

With a destination in mind, you can then chart the route to get then.

When you know what your ideal life looks like, you can discern when to turn down opportunities that don’t actually lead you to your goal. It allows you to bring into focus those activities and actions that will help make your life come true.

I’ve mentioned before my own example, where I was so focused on making money that although I was successful, it came at the expense of time, with my own ingrained belief that you have to work really hard to be successful.

I’ve since learned to define success as what my work looks like, what my day looks like, and what freedoms I have that my business supports.

So, how do you create a ‘work / life balance’?

You don’t. You choose what makes you happy; what brings you joy; what makes you feel inspired. And you focus on that.

When you are living in inspiration and joy, you aren’t trying to conform to an ideal of society; instead, you’re creating the life that you were meant to have.

When you live in intuition and inspiration, and have learned to strengthen your mindset, life just flows. But until you experience it, it is hard to believe it. When reality doesn’t support your vision and dream, what do you do?

You find a way to trust and believe. Even if you don’t believe it now, prime your mind to accept the dream that you want to have.

My number 1 tip is to write an affirmation, that primes your mind to accept the vision you have, but also inspires you when you read it so that you feel as if it is already happening. Feel it and experience it in your mind first.

Then look for the positive in each day. Learn more about how this helps your life through selective psychology in How to Prioritize Your Dreams

When I coach clients, I help you rewire you brain to work in your favor. With techniques, customized examples, accountability, and holding a coaching container that gives you the space to step in to your highest self, we change the trajectory of your life together. You have everything you need within you, I just help you clear the path to living as your best self. Download my free guide to living your life of adventure, or schedule your "Reclaim Your Badass Life" call today to see how we can best work together.

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