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How to Prioritize Your Dreams

Prioritization is a common problem for business owners because there are just so many tasks to do! I find that the biggest challenge for my clients is that when you have trouble prioritizing, you’ve lost their passion or connection to your dream.

You’ve lost the excitement that makes you want to work on towards it each and every day.

Other common road blocks are also that it’s such a large goal you don’t even know how to start.

Or you’re so lost in the day to day that you don’t even know what your dream is you are working towards.

It’s like each day becomes a list of tasks to check off and get through. When you have too much in your mind, you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. I call them ‘squirrel moments’, where every little thing seems to distract you.

The trick to moving forward on your dreams is to be excited about them, and finding a way to move forward on them every day.

Be Excited About Your Dreams

Your dream needs to something bigger than you – something that excites you to work on it - so that you want to make it a priority each day.

To do this, you first need to know what your dreams are, and why. They have to be a tangible picture that you can feel and experience. Your dream should be lifestyle that you play out in your mind with all of your senses and feel emotionally connected to.

Finding clarity on your dreams is one area that I help my clients because they often aren’t specific enough, or even sure what they want. This lack of clarity leads to a lack of passion and/or lack of motivation to even progress forward.

By clarifying your dream life, and how you want to experience, it becomes more tangible and is something that your subconscious can lock on to, and look for ways to create.

Look for Signs of Your Dreams Already Happening

A few tips in Neuroscience:

First off, let’s talk about how your brain works and look at the neuroscience behind behavior.

Your brain is programmed to look for evidence of what you believe, it’s called selective attention in psychology. Your brain is focused on what you consider important, so that is what it looks for evidence of.

A part of this process is the reticular activating system. The reticular activating system is a bundle of nerves that filter out the unnecessary information so that the important details are received. This system is crucial to consciousness, activation and motivation

It takes what you focus on and creates a filter for it so that it comes through is the important information, rather than everything else. It also seeks information that validates your beliefs

The successful person is the one who chooses to focus their attention on the items moving them forward, rather than letting less important items control their focus.

In order to maintain momentum towards your dreams, you need to be actively feeling like you are taking action on them, and then also seeing the proof of where you are making improvements and gains. Essentially, you need to look for your wins and celebrate them.

What would your life look like if you were actively looking for proof that the universe is aligning to help you create your dream life? Would small circumstances suddenly have much more impact because they were helping move you forward on your dream.

This is part 1 of How to Prioritize Your Dreams. My next post will dive deeper into the daily actions to take to help ensure your dreams are a priority and you are moving towards them.

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As a Business & Mindset coach, I help successful women who are smart and successful, but are stuck. You've plateaued, you've hit a wall, you haven't maintained consistency. The thing is, you know what you need, but it's those final mindset shifts that help you take the inspired action you are looking for. If you're tired of waiting, request your Reclaim Your Badass Life call today, to see what next steps would look like in working together.

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