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I stand for empowered women

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

"It is not safe to speak my truth"

"It is not safe to be a healer"

"It is not safe to be a woman"

"If i fail, I'll die."

All of these are common beliefs that are held by women and healers, and it's no wonder, considering the history of humankind...

Whether they are personal beliefs from childhood, soul level beliefs, generational, past life or general collective unconscious beliefs, they commonly hold women, empaths and healers back.

I personally have struggled with a blocked throat chakra and speaking my truth most of my life. Recently, I've had some major breakthroughs and healings through theta healing, my intuition, nlp, eft tapping, and even healing crystals. Yes, I combine energy work with science to get the maximum impact. And so now I'm here to speak to what I stand for.

This is my mission and my why. This is why I've always specialized in women run businesses in my graphic design and marketing company and why I now also focus on female entrepreneurs in my business & mindset coaching...

Watch my video below to learn more:

Why I do what I do...

I want women to feel important. loved and valuable as they will pass on these beliefs to their children, family and community.

I wan to elevate the vibration of our world by elevating other women. I stand for empowered women - women who are confident and TRUST themselves, are true to themselves, and most of all, love themselves. By living my best life, I not only inspire others, I can teach others how to do it. I help women determine what they want so that they can have a greater impact and be their own source of positivity and love to create ripples in the world.

I connect with others on a deeper level, and bring in those deeper conversations to have meaningful connections, offer compassion and build together.

I help others navigate their human experience too, so that they can gain the lessons they need to become their greater selves.

I stand for:

empowered women: they love themselves, trust themselves, listen to their intuition, stand in their power, make great money doing what they love

fairness and equality, which is why I stand for all women, but know that women of color have more hurdles to overcome than those of us who do have white privilege

I stand for speaking the truth, and sharing your own truth

I stand for alignment and connection to your higher self, Source, the Universe and unconditional love

I stand for feminine power, that goes hand in hand with masculine power, neither is better than the other; they support each other, balance each other and there is a time for each

I stand for meaningful connections, deeper soul level connections, mind, body & heart connections

I believe that the Universe/quantum field/Source is unconditional love and is the field of all possibilities. I believe that we are all connected and that that connection to source is natural and powerful. You have the divine right to live in joy and live your purpose.

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