• Alyssa

Intentionally Creating Your Dream Life with Manifesting Coaching

Want to know a secret? What if I told you that I’m really a manifesting coach? I teach business owners how to reach their dream lives and use mindset shifts and connecting to you intuition as tools to get you there, but really, I’m teaching you how to intentionally manifest. Because you deserve to live your dreams!

I believe that we live in an abundant and loving universe and everyone deserves to live their best lives. To do that though, often requires dropping the baggage and releasing the programming that we picked up to navigate the world. It’s about rediscovering you - your passions, your dreams, your inspiration and your intuition.

The reason I became a Business & Mindset Coach and Intuitive Success Coach is because I was able to turn my life around for stress and workaholism, to peace, flow and synchronicity.

What does a manifesting coach do?

I work with clients to help them connect with their inner guidance, their intuition. From there, you gain clarity on your dreams so that you can begin to create them. With the tools and habits I train you to use, plus with the work we do to remove your negative beliefs, you are then able to intentionally manifest what you want in your life?

Why do you need help (coaching) for manifesting?

I get it, there are so many books out there and resources that you can use to create your own manifestation process and if you can do it on your own then that is great! If you are able to create your dream life on your own then I celebrate you and you may not need me. But the truth is that it can be a difficult road alone running a business, prioritizing your dream, creating your strategy, etc. When you do it alone, it’s a lonely road but you also have less room for ideas.

When you hire me as your coach, not only do you get my expertise and experience in getting to where you want to be, you get accountability to create new habits and change (this is huge, many clients love this the most as I call them out on their excuses and help get them on the right track), and finally, you get a meeting of minds, where we brainstorm together and have a trusted person that you can run ideas by and grow with. What I value most about my clients is our relationship that we build and I’m most proud of how my clients take my coaching and run with it to create amazing lives they love.


"CLARITY [has been my biggest takeaway from coaching with you]. Continuing to dial in on what I need to focus on (business -work smarter not harder) and why (personal motivational - excited to roll out of bed in the morning) and tying those two things together. I'm having fun again.

I feel like you sped up the process. It may have taken me years to make that progress!"