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Intuition in Business... What is an Intuitive Business Coach?

This month marks a 2-year anniversary of making my intuition a priority; of trusting my intuition, listening to that gut feeling, and being intentional about changing my life.

How funny does that sound? It should be obvious right? Yet there I was, a business owner of over 10 years’ experience, who often ignored my gut feeling in exchange of thinking things to death. I would agonize over decisions and the pros and cons, just to make sure I was making the right choice.

Do you know how I showed the Universe that I intentional in making a change? By hiring an Intuitive Success Coach. Someone who could help me tap into my inner guidance to live my purpose, live in joy, and have the freedom I dreamed of. And to help me clarify and create a path towards those dreams.

My intuition brought me to her – it was just one of those things that was meant to be. I noticed her energy from across the room and made sure we connected before the end of the meeting. Then, as we were talking in her intro intuitive session, I just knew we had to work together. It just felt right.

Here were the answers to what I needed to overcome my challenges, because the answer came from within. I am supposed to trust myself and my own wisdom.

What if you could ONLY succeed? Watch this video below for more on using your intuition.

Have you been truly living in your bliss? Or do you find that roadblock after roadblock seems to keep popping up and blocking your dreams.

Do you find that you’re never quite satisfied because something feels off? It feels like there is so much more you could be doing but you are limited by your present situation.

You may have had moments of success in your business…those perfect clients, the months of meeting your income goals…just enough that you know it’s possible. But not consistently enough to feel you are successful. The consistency seems to be elusive and you continue to track which bills need to be paid on time. Sometimes only barely managing to squeeze by each month.

You do all the right things: live as if you are in abundance, read and visualize your affirmations, take time to meditate, journal and care for your mind and body, but they happen in moments of inspiration and then you lose them again. Or you become dejected because your present situation doesn’t seem to be changing.

Sometimes you find that your business is leading you. You are relatively successful to incredibly successful…but you no longer find joy in it. You’ve lost your passion and it’s become just another set of obligations to complete each day.

These are all signs that you are blocking your intuitive guidance, or that you have subconscious beliefs still working against you.

The truth is, you ARE changing, growing and improving, but you are attached to chains, holding you down and holding you back.

What if you could release those handcuffs and live in your full power and wisdom?

What is Intuitive Business Coaching?

As women, and as business owners, there are no clear-cut dividers in our lives…our work flows into our personal life and our personal life flows into our work. This is because they are all connected, and should be. The masculine energy of our society expects us to compartmentalize, because that is how men’s brains work, but it’s not the feminine way. To us, everything flows together and is interconnected to create a greater and stronger whole.

Intuitive Business Coaching is about helping you tap into your intuitive power, to better run your business; to be living your purpose through your business and creating a life that you love. As a Business & Intuitive Success Coach, I empower my clients to live the life of their dreams by looking at all areas of your life.

There is beauty to that, and power. When you are passionate about your work, you shine a little brighter and act as a light to others behind you on the journey. Your passion in your day replenishes all other areas of your life, and your passion in your free time re-energizes you for your business.

How does Intuitive Business Coaching Work?

I work directly with you, as the business woman, to find the challenges you are facing in your business and discover their root causes. We also map out your dreams and visions to develop a roadmap to get there. Along the way, we expand your tools, resources and skillsets to be living the highest and best version of yourself – your future self.

Part of my work with clients is digging down to the beliefs that hold them back. Resistances come in the form of having an important task on your list…which stays at the top of your list for weeks before you finally complete it.

Resistance shows up as saying you’ll do one thing, yet acting in another way.

Subconscious beliefs will prevent you from seeing the truth. They prevent you from seeing the wins and achievements you have made to get where you are today.

Having a coach, especially an Intuitive Business Coach, can help you make the changes you need to release you. Not only do I help you tune into your intuition, I use my intuitive guidance to lead you down the path to your success.

If any of these resonate with you, schedule an introductory Intuitive Session so we can explore your resistances and where to go from here.

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