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Moving Forward to Your Intuition and Releasing Resistances

Walking With Your Intuition

How often do you take a walk or a trip and just listen to your intuition to go wherever you are inspired to go?

Now might be the perfect time to do that, when physical distancing is requiring us to remain outside of our normal routine, often cooped up in the house, you can take a walk to balance yourself and relieve some stress.

I challenge you to just go with the flow. Just go for a walk (or drive). When you come to an intersection… randomly choose the one that feels more compelling to you. Enjoy the journey rather than rushing to a set destination or goal. You never know where you may end up and it may just be the journey you need.

I know, I know. I tell you that in order to reach your goals, you need to know exactly what you want and where you are going. But there are times when your soul just needs freedom from constraints to just explore. The fun thing about this is that the goal is to come back to yourself; to get in your body and become more aware of the information you are receiving, but in the process, you get to let go and just be free!

Walk with love in your heart and notice the world around you with gratitude. What do you appreciate while out on your walk? Take the time to just be.

How to Address Challenges & Resistances You Are Feeling

Have you noticed resistances coming up in the last few weeks? Has fear and anger been in your repertoire of emotions the last few weeks? If so, that is ok. The best way to handle these is to actually approach these emotions. Don’t try to lock them away or hide them. Instead, stop and review them.

Where do you feel the resistance in your body? What emotions are being brought up? What triggered these emotions now?

When you approach negative feelings with curiosity then you can discover the truth they are trying to share with you.

Maybe you are overwhelmed and getting angry for no reason. It could be because you are taking on too many things and need to give yourself rest. Or maybe it has triggered feelings of inadequacy or fear that come from childhood memories. These beliefs and memories are something you can explore on your own, but sometimes you need the extra help of an outside source to address them and walk you through them. I work with successful, powerful women and business owners to help them break through their own barriers and reach the next level of success – I empower you to achieve your dreams! I do this because I've been where you are and understand what you are feeling. I can be the helping (and understanding) hand to raise you to the next level.

I invite you to contact me for a free intro session to discover ways to move back into love, light and flow with your intuition.

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