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Need Money Immediately? How to Make Money Quickly in Your Business

I’ve written several previous posts focused more on your mindset, habits and goals to be successful. Today I want get into something more tangible: marketing, and how to bring more money into your business quickly.

Hold up! I’m not talking about some gimmick (or get rich quick scheme) that will claim to solve your problems with no effort. (Running a business does take work and effort, but the best part of it is the payoff as it grows. These are steps in the marketing process and help create the foundation as you continue to layer in other activities.)

People meeting to grow business

To make money quickly is about maximizing your circle of influence while you grow your business. What I mean is that there are immediate actions you can take in your business to focus on the low hanging fruit (higher opportunity, lower sales process) to create immediate sales.

What are Low Hanging Fruit?

These are business opportunities where you can take immediate action in your business to generate quick sales. Low hanging fruit opportunities can come in many forms, and depend on the length of time that you have been in business, have built relationships, are known in the community, etc.

People Who Need Your Services/Products

First you need to make a list of all the people who have previously expressed interest in your business or people who may have a need for your services.

Your next step is to take action. Reach out to these people and share what you are doing, who you serve and offer to serve them. You may offer an introduction session, a smaller package, a discount, or something of value to inspire them to take action.

Your goal is to reach out and close those people who do know and care about your services, and just need a reminder or nudge to start working with you.

Does this sound intimidating? I'd love to help you customize a solution that works best for you and your business. Schedule a FREE consultation with me to discuss your particular concerns and business challenges.

People You Know

You can also create a second list of people you know in all areas of life. This includes friends, neighbors, previous co-workers, or anyone else you have a connection with.

With this list, you want to share with them what you have been doing and any changes you have made. The goal of contacting these people is to ask them for referrals, of anyone they may know who needs your services.

For this list of people, you will create a ‘warm letter’ in which you reach out to share with them the latest in your business, who you are working with, the best types of referrals for you and do they know anyone that might benefit from a free consultation with you? These are letters that you will print and mail to them, and then follow up with a phone call to check in with them. Your focus is not on selling to them, but in building a relationship where you care about and understand them and they better understand you. The more they know you, the more likely they are to trust you and send referrals your way. Your goal with this group is to build connections with people who will send you referrals and ideal clients continuously over time.

Need Money Immediately?

If the situation is urgent and you’ve tried those other two, now’s the time to get creative. You are going to brainstorm 50 ways that you can make money RIGHT now. Whether that is putting on a workshop, selling a new program, cleaning your garage and selling what you don’t need, selling items that have been a hobby item, mowing your neighbors’ lawns, etc.! Anything that could bring immediate cash into your pocket.

50 ways may seem like a lot or unnecessary but the purpose of this exercise is to get your brain thinking and to come up with creative solutions. Numbers 40-50 sometimes have the most gold in them.

Get Visible

The final step is be seen and be in front of people. This means start networking, take on speaking engagements (or create your own events). Find ways to be seen as often as possible so that you become a regular in other people’s minds and become a higher priority and focus.

Building relationships takes time, but it is the best way to build long-term strength in your business. As you are in front of more people, it can bring you in front of more ‘low hanging fruit’ type opportunities.

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