• Alyssa

Pivoting In Your Business while Sheltering in Place - How to Continue to Create Your Dreams

Good morning! I’ve been seeing a lot of posts checking in on the overall mental health of each other as we are all self-isolating/sheltering in place, in our homes. And that’s important because there is a lot of fear around. I wanted to address something, that I’ve been hearing a lot of but that hasn’t been addressed in how to implement it – pivoting.

Does it feel like everyone is telling you to Pivot right now, but no one is telling you how?

It’s easy to tell you to pivot, but when your business is shut down and you have to lay off employees, or are wondering how you are going to pay your bills this month, it can seem superficial.

What does pivoting mean?

It means taking a forward movement, in any direction, to keep your momentum going. At this time, it requires a mindset shift.

As a business owner, if you have had to shut your business and need income, it DOES NOT make you a failure to apply for a job in an industry that is currently hiring.

As an employee, if you’ve been temporarily laid off, it has NOTHING to do with you.

This is when you must remember your dream and your WHY for doing your business. Was it to have the freedom and flexibility to create new experiences and spend focused time with your family? Is it to give your children a greater future? That is your why, not your business. Your business is a vehicle to get there and important, but in this moment, it is more important to focus on your bigger picture.

This is a time and it will pass, but it will require a shift in your way of life. If you need money on the table to feed your family, then go ahead and find a way to supplement money with a job.

If you are able to support yourself for the time being, or must be home with the kids – enjoy it! How can you maximize your time NOW to give to your children? What can you be teaching them? (If they are old enough) Can you help them start their own online business, or business plan, or help you with yours?

Focus on the positive and the gratitude you have that you get to spend these precious moments with them. Worrying and negative thinking does nothing but drag you further down into negativity, especially a situation you cannot control. Spend your energy on finding a solution and staying in the positive – especially now.

How can you keep moving forward?

Give yourself a schedule, or a few tasks to complete each day so that you have purpose still, without purpose, it is easier to get stuck in the negativity as well. Whether they are projects you’ve been meaning to work on, or as basic as daily chores, have something to do each day to maintain that purpose.

Again, focus on your bigger vision and take the steps you need to keep moving forward (find a solution), focus on the positive and give yourself purpose each day.

Your mindset controls your actions and your future. Improving mindset is what I do, and what I love, because it has changed my life as well. I am here to help so reach out if you need a mental shift, or share with someone you know who may need to pivot their mindset. I would love to chat and I would love to hear how you are pivoting!

If your business is shut down for COVID-19 measures, I want to talk! I'm offering free (with no intent to sell) marketing sessions to help your brainstorm ways to create income while your business is closed. Perfect for massage therapists, hair stylists, health professionals, etc.