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Success With Internet Marketing – 6 Tips

Updated: May 31, 2019

I found this article from ClickBank while researching blog topics and thought it would be a good thing to share, but also compare myself to it. Tips to Becoming a Successful Internet Marketer but it really applies to any business or industry (marketing applies to any business or industry!).

Focus Direct your energy on only one or two tasks and methods at a time. There are so many things going on that if you try to do everything, you will really do nothing. Choose one thing in particular and ONLY focus on that.

Invest in Yourself Think about the long-term plan and only participate in short-term activities that lead to the long-term plan. This means researching and educating yourself now so that you can learn from others, listen to mentors to reach your destination sooner.

Find a Mentor In everything you do, you need someone to guide you and push you. To hold you accountable but also use their experience and resources to get you to the next level. Choose a mentor who is doing exactly what you want to do and is where you want to be.

Outsource and Delegate Don’t work on everything at once. Choose where you will focus your energy, the most vital parts of your business, and work on that. Pick and choose your projects, prioritize them and then work on them in order. Another way to think about this is that you are using leverage. Hire experts who are more efficient than you to work on the other areas of your business while you focus your talents where you are most productive. This also means setting a budget for those you are going to hire and outsource to.

Use Free When Possible Another way to use leverage is to use free resources and materials. Not only is there a ton of reference material available online, there are many Private Label Rights (PLR) items that are high quality and can be used to educate yourself as well as to edit and sell to others.

Stick With It Be persistent and stay focused on your end goal. A good way to check yourself is to plan daily and weekly tasks. Write down an end goal for the month; then break it down into goals for each week and day. You will occasionally need to check in to make sure you are on track.

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