• Alyssa

The Challenges to Manifesting (Why It Isn’t Working Yet and How To Live Your Dreams)

Creating your dream life, also known as manifesting, is really a simple process. The challenge to manifesting is the belief that it can happen, despite what your senses are telling you in the moment. It’s the doubt that sinks in that actually holds you back from creating what you want.

Imagination + Certainty

The simplest way to look at manifesting is as 2 steps: 1) Imagination + 2) Certainty.

First you must dream the future you want, and then you must trust that it is coming to you.

When you paint the picture of what you want (dream it, imagine it) and then visualize it, you are creating it in your subconscious. Having a clear picture of what your life looks like, and truly feeling it, locks it into your subconscious through the emotions you are feeling. Your emotions are actually your guidance system to staying in alignment and one of the most powerful tools you have for connecting to your subconscious.

You must experience your dreams, mentally, even before your physical senses experience it.

The second step is that you must have absolute trust, faith and certainty that it is happening. You may not know the timing, but you know, to your core, that it is your reality.

Challenge: Creating Belief

It all sounds very Pollyanna-ish: ‘just believe the best will happen and you will live a wonderful life’. That’s not actually how it works because the truth is that we are humans and life happens; everything isn’t perfect all the time. Past beliefs and emotions can show up in a delayed reaction so that sometimes it feels like you were on top of the world, and then challenges arise, or you may have attracted things you weren’t trying to focus on.

Your reality may be different than what you envision, it may seem impossible, it may seem crazy. That is why the trick is to experience it your mind first. Your mind creates your reality.

Experiencing is Believing

Manifesting is one of those things where once you experience it, your belief will strengthen. I’ve seen it happen so many times in my own life, that I then had the faith to teach it to my students. Now as I hear about their wins, I see their belief and trust in the process flourish as well.

You’ve probably experienced it…those days where everything goes JUST right. You may not have realized that you also had a part in creating through your thoughts and your emotions. But you can change your reality. You are manifesting even when you don’t realize it and so are other people.

If you can’t relate to a time in your life that you did create exactly the outcome you wanted, then put your faith in those who have. Those who teach it: Wayne Dyer, Marilyn Jennett, Oprah, Brendon Burchard, etc.

My latest synchronicity was working in Bend for 2 days, and experiencing these views. My win for the week was the freedom and flexibility to work, deliver results to clients AND also have time to be present, relax and explore and live new experiences. Finding my joy in each moment in a powerful way to live, but I also appreciate being able to look back at these memories as well.

The Steps to Manifesting

1) Write down your dreams (as if you are already living them)

2) Visualize them and feel them (as you read them as affirmations)

3) Stay in a high emotional vibration (notice your emotions and do what you can to move back to/stay in higher emotional states)

4) Take inspired action (listen to your intuition and take inspired action towards your goals)

You’re smart, successful and intuitive so I know this all makes sense. It’s also frustrating that you aren’t yet creating and living your dreams. The challenge is that sometimes you get so caught up your forget these steps, or stop believing in yourself.

That’s where I help my clients, I help you create flow and synchronicity in your life through alignment with your intuition and your highest self, as well as teaching you brain hacks that help you create a habit of positivity and manifesting. I invite you to schedule a Reclaim your Badass Life call, where we can discuss where you are, where you want to be, and how I can help you get there to see if it is a good fit.