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The number one thing to move forward on your goals

To move forward on your goals, you MUST know where you are presently because this helps you choose your first step…your first plan of action, to get there.

Know where you are and what your present reality.

It is what it is. Stay pragmatic and leave the judgement out. If you are judging yourself for not being further than you are, or living in fear, you are actually blocking yourself from creating the future you want.

1) Take stock of where you are

2) Pinpoint your dreams and goals

3) Create a plan of action from this moment. What is the first step you can take, right now?

Another tip is to know what you can and cannot change, and don’t fight the things you can’t change. Take responsibility for what you can control: your attitude, your beliefs, your thoughts, your actions… and just do it.

This is just a quick little video today to inspire you. You CAN control the trajectory of your life. You are powerful. You are strong. You are enough.

Sometimes that is the hardest thing you can do because it is a mental game. This is where limiting beliefs come up and you may procrastinate on doing the important tasks that move you forward. You may find that you come up with a distraction (‘squirrel!’) to avoid what feels uncomfortable. Often what is uncomfortable is that next level of growth, the things that will really create your dreams.

You KNOW what you should be doing, yet it seems like resistance comes up each time. Or else your day runs away on you and you don’t complete what you actually intended to. These are all signs that there are underlying beliefs and mindsets holding you back. It’s not that you aren’t capable, it’s that your subconscious is working on the programming it has; and this programming controls your thoughts, actions and habits.

So first things first, reflect where you are today and reflect on how you have been procrastinating on actually doing this.

If you are tired of waiting, or tired of hitting the same challenge over and over again, now is the time to try something new. Now is the time to create the change you are looking for. I invite you to schedule a Reclaim Your Badass Life call, to explore if my coaching container is the right one for you to create your dreams!

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