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The Secret to Business Success – It’s About You

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Several of my recent client are new business owners, or have a passion and want to create a business of their own. The secret to being a good business owner is not just in the strategies you use, but also in the mindset you have.

Becoming the Best Business Owner You Can Be

Getting to the next level in your business means that you need to mentally become the business owner that runs that type of business - at the next level. If you are stuck in your business, you are stuck because of your current mindset and the limiting beliefs that you have.

You must step forward into the business person you will be in the future, and bring that future self into the now. It may sound confusing but it’s really quite simple. This is where the saying ‘fake it till you make it’ comes from. In order to grow your business and get it to the next level (or to become the person you want to be), you have to act “As-If” you are already that person.

This is part of a larger picture of mindset work, following the Law of Attraction. If you act “as-if” you are already a successful business owner, (getting into the mindset of the version of yourself you need to be to be at that level) you will bring that into your life. You will bring that reality into the Now.

Be --> Do --> Have

Mindset is one of the three pillars of my coaching because WHO you are affects what you do. Be --> Do --> Have. If I just teach the Do, but the foundation of Be not been set, then you will not see the results you want to because you are do not believe you are at that level of success.

The reason I consider the three pillars of my coaching as: Mindset, Intuition and Marketing.

The first step to working on the Be, is to know where you are now so that you can know what you need to elevate.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What limiting beliefs do you have now that are holding you back?

  • What fears do you have about money or success that are keeping you are your current level?

  • Why are you happy being stuck? What do you gain from staying in the known?

  • What are you missing out by being where you are now? (What is your family not gaining from you staying stagnant?)

What else might be holding you back?

Getting to the next level in business (and life) involves challenges in order to grow to the next best version of yourself. Who you are is the center of what creates the life that you have. That means asking the hard questions such as, what am I doing to be where I am today? What am I doing to hold myself back?

That's where I come in! Having gone through the process myself, I want to help you get through it faster and more successfully. I am here to be the helping hand to get you to the next level.

Have questions? Let's talk!

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