• Alyssa

The Third Key Ingredient To Creating Your Badass Life

I talk a lot about mindset and habits (brain hacking) and manifestation because I am passionate about them and because your thoughts control your actions which control your habits. I believe in minimum effective dose to get the maximum results. That means choosing the high importance items that with just a few tweaks will improve the entire upward trajectory of your life!

However, the third pillar that I advocate and teach is strategy (which includes marketing for business owners). Because you must implement changes to reach your new future.

Mindset and habits are the foundation to EVERYTHING, but without strategy, you have no way to move forward.

Inversely, the strategy is nothing without the right mindset and habits to as you create your marketing.

With the right message, you speak to your audience. You draw them in with your offer. With the wrong message, they may remember you in a positive light, but not in a way that takes action.

With the right mindset, you create the tone for your messaging. With a negative mindset, or one of disbelief, you actually repel potential clients as they sense it in your tone or energy – whether you are negative, doubt yourself, or maybe even get a little snarky.

Marketing is fine art between science and art. It’s a combination of the message you send to your clients, how (and where) you are talking to them, and who you are actually talking to. If you don’t know the passions, hopes and dreams of your clients, how can you speak to them and know how to properly serve them?

The purpose of marketing is to understand your clients (and convey that to them) so that you can authentically add value and solve their problems.

I’ve run my own marketing and design agency for 13 years now and what I love most about it is really getting to understand their clients; to understand their hopes and dreams and aspirations. But also, to understand their challenges and pain points so that I can offer a solution that elevates their life!

I love helping female entrepreneurs and career women bring their dreams into reality while up leveling all areas of their life. With a unique combination of mindset + brain hacks + strategy, we change everything!

How would it feel to have a coach in your life, walking with you to imagine your greatest future, and then getting down to the fine details to help you create the map to get there. To offer you the resources and the helping hand up to the next level, without having to walk through the darkness alone. How would it feel to then have help implementing your strategy? Rather than just adding another list of items to your plate, but instead freeing you up to create more freedom in your life?

As a business, mindset and marketing coach, we work through all of these things together. You are not alone, and you don’t have to do it alone. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Schedule time to Reclaim Your Badass Life!