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Unlock Your Time - Create Adventures

If you started your business to have more flexibility, yet your day is so structured that you barely get a moment to eat lunch, let alone have fun, then what you are doing is not working.

The problem is, you haven’t created your dream of more time and freedom because you are relying too much on your mind to get you there.

You are looking at surface level solutions. Instead, you need to focus on your current beliefs and habits as they are what shape your actions and your habits.

Living in your mind often puts you on on the path of greatest resistance because you are living in fear.

  • Fear of letting clients down

  • Fear of not making enough money

  • Fear of being seen as a failure

The truth is, no amount of work and just ‘pushing through’ the work, will solve the core problem.

No amount of working weekends will really bring about the free time to take an afternoon off with your kids.

No amount of squeezing as many priorities into the day will allow you to take Friday off for a 3-day weekend.

To change these habits, you need to look deeper. You must look inside yourself and what is driving you to work so hard.

The exciting truth is that belief work can be so simple, when you get help through the process! Having a guide take you through the process, to dig down and discover what is holding you back, and then empower you with the resources to make decisions differently will change the trajectory of your life.

I help clients reclaim their time so they can live their passions.

If you’re currently struggling with lack of time, chained to your desk or email and you want to have the freedom to choose your hours, I invite you to an Unlock Your Time Call with me.

This 30-minute call will explore your current situation and past habits to see how they are holding you back from your goals.  If it’s a good fit, I’ll share more about how my unique practice of mindset, belief and intuition work tied into business strategy, can help you break through to creating your ideal lifestyle.

Apply for an Unlock Your Time Call.

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