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What Are You Tolerating in Your Life (That Is Holding You Back)?

Isn’t it funny how once something becomes routine, we accept it, no matter how inconvenient? It’s just a part of human nature as we even up the highs and lows of life.

Have you ever really thought about the little things, small inconveniences in your day that vaguely annoy you? Yet they aren’t annoying enough to get you to stop and take action? Or maybe they are bigger things that you keep putting off. Or maybe it’s a bad habit that has now become a routine? All of these are elements of daily life that you are tolerating because they are ‘just the way things are’, yet they are holding you back in your business and from living your best life.

Examples of Tolerating

  • Do you have a messy desk that stresses you out, yet you need to get to work so you just jump right in and ignore the mess? (Even though sitting there it subconsciously is adding to your stress and anxiety?) Yes, I’m guilty of this one!

  • Do you allow people (co-workers, kids, partners, phone calls, emails) to interrupt you during the day, despite needing focused work time for a project?

  • Do you have a client that always pays you late? Someone that you need to chase down to get a payment from or that takes extra effort and focus to get the project completed?

  • Do you stay up too late, because your mind starts working just before bedtime (or because you have so many things to do) and you just aren’t getting enough sleep?

These are just a few examples of common ‘tolerances’ in our lives that actually interfere with our progress towards our goals.

Live a Powerful, Fulfilling Life

The thing about living a powerful, fulfilling life is that you must be intentional in your day and in your actions. Letting life happen to you is the fastest way to become derailed from your dreams.

As I teach clients, we focus on the end goal / big picture of what they want to achieve and then break it down into manageable steps…all the way down to day-to-day actions so that each day they are working towards their purpose and vision. Need help creating a daily strategy? Request your free Get Acquainted Call and we can explore how coaching can work for you!

Take Action

1. What inconveniences or annoyances are you tolerating? Make a list of these things and spend a week writing them down. Whether they are daily things that are showing up or maybe occasional, less frequent items, keep an on-going list.

2. Next, write down how each item actually interfering with your goals, business, life? Does it take up time? Does it take up mental energy? Does it require unnecessary activity or workarounds?

3. Create a plan for how you can mitigate or remove these annoyances. For example, if you know you get distracted before bed time, set a time that you get ready for bed (washing face, brushing teeth, getting into pajamas) before you are tired so that once it is bedtime you can focus on a bedtime routine. Either create a hard stop with an alarm of when to head to bed, or a time that you hide your phone/tablet/distraction in the other room. Finally, create a night time routine that includes activities you look forward to, such as reading a book or magazine, meditating, drawing, etc., away from screens and digital distractions.

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