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Why Is Adventure Important to My Life?

This week’s article shares a different story from my video (so watch it as well!), but both cover the story of adventure.

Imagine having the freedom to take off for a weekend (or day) from your business, without murphy’s law…where you have a peaceful (or adventurous) day away doing what you enjoy, to come back to your business the next day feeling refreshed and excited!

I bet that you want to live your best, fullest life, to make the most of every experience so that you know you have truly lived.

Take a moment to look back, is your adventure time your main priority? Or is your business your main priority?

Do you put off family/friend gatherings because you need to work?

Do you pass on going out to dinner because you have just a few more things to do?

Have you ever said your children, “just one more email” as they ask you to play before bedtime?

There is a time and a place for your business to be your main focus, but that should not be ‘always’. Does your business run your life?

It doesn’t have to anymore.

What does adventure mean to you?

I don’t know about you, but to me that means a process of constantly learning: learning new foods, new cultures, new history… whether locally or abroad, I love to travel and expand my understanding of the world around me.

I make new experiences, explore new destinations and travel to the world around me.

How do I do it? I’ve made it my purpose and my #1 priority.

What you focus on grows. Whether good or bad, what you focus on is what you are attracting and creating in your life. Where you are today shows what you are committed to – the income you make, the house you have, the life you live is all because of your commitment (or not) to it.

So, what does this actually look like, especially in COVID era where travel is limited and US citizens are banned from most countries in the world?

I maximize my experiences and opportunities that are available to me. Last weekend, I went camping with a group of friends for a Glamp and Camp event. We stayed along the McKenzie River and went out with the intention to explore; one day this was the old scenic highway where we stopped at every hiking point to discover new treasures, the next day, we hiked Sahalie Falls and discovered a new favorite place to be in nature – so beautiful, calming and awe-inspiring.

This past weekend, we did a 1-day camping trip up to Diamond Lake. We didn’t rush, yet at the same time managed to see so many sights in that 24-hour period that it felt like a full weekend! We explored on the drive back and discovered two amazing new waterfalls and a picnic lunch by the river. And we were energized by it!

I literally took a moment and asked myself, does this feel good? Does this fit my purpose?

My purpose is to create be present with those I love and to live new experiences, to create memories that last my lifetime.

This applies in both the business setting (connecting with and helping my clients), and the personal setting.

It’s knowing your purpose, but also checking in with it that is so important.

Why do I specialize in working with female solopreneurs and professionals who want to run a business they love while ALSO experiencing the world? Because I’ve been where you are. Working too hard, losing your passion, and missing out on the important things of life: family, friends and experiences. I understand your pains and know the way to get free of them as well.

Let's chat! Message me with your biggest challenge and we can explore it.

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