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Why Is Manifestation So Hard?! How to Simplify Manifesting In Your Business

Most successful business owners are familiar with manifestation because we’ve either consciously or unconsciously worked to create the life of our dreams, utilizing this skill. Some of us are more naturally inclined towards it while for others it has been a process of self-growth to reach the point of success. However, to attain success in any way was because of manifesting; you created your desired reality.

Manifestation is the process of discovering your desires, and then creating those desires; bringing them into your reality. In the past, it was very woo-woo, but as our understanding of the laws of the Universe increase with scientific discoveries, we are learning that there is increased ‘truth’ to it, through the study of Quantum Physics. In fact, our intuition and gut feeling are another commonly referred to sense, that increased research is being done on as well.

The irony of manifesting, and the Law of Attraction, is that it is so simple that everyone can, and should, be utilizing it. Yet, that is not the case. So why is that?

Manifesting is Not Hard

Manifesting is not hard. In fact, we manifest everything in our experience every single day…whether we realize it or not. If not consciously, then subconsciously you are attracting into your life what you want (or don’t want) by focusing on it and giving it your attention.

What makes manifesting ‘hard’ is the beliefs that we have created in our journey through life that are actually blocking, or limiting us. These limiting beliefs stop us from manifesting what we truly want.

How to Manifest More Successfully

1) Awareness of Your Thoughts

There is the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, your conscious mind does all the thinking (you’re in your brain) while the subconscious mind works at a deeper level. Your subconscious mind runs the show, but your conscious mind can help direct the ship. Your beliefs that hold you back are in your subconscious mind and no matter how you deny them at the conscious level, they are still there.

This is why I work with clients on their beliefs, as well as their habits, mindset and marketing strategies. Their mindset creates the foundation for their success in their strategies so I work to set up them up for abundant success!

When you want something in your life, you are focusing on your lack of it now…and attracting more of that (lack) to you. The subconscious mind only understands now. The trick is to see yourself already having it now…to receive it now. There is no past or future, the only time is now.

Your thoughts create your reality by attracting/manifesting what you focus on.

2) Awareness of Your Emotions

Your emotions are your guide to your connection with Source, God, the Universe. When you feel good and happy, you are in greater alignment than when you feel negative.

The highest emotions are Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation, as found on the Emotional Guidance Scale from Abraham-Hicks.

When you are in fear, or a negative emotion, you are blocking what you desire. You have removed yourself from your connection to Source.

This is where I work with clients on their habits. We build habits and awareness into their day of how to address their emotions, and to then move up the emotional scale and back into vibration with manifestation. Habits don’t sound fun, but when they energize you each morning, bring you into alignment with your goals and speed up your manifestations…they are! My morning routine gets me excited and buzzed for the day!

Your emotions are your guideline to how connected you are to creating what you want to manifest.

Your habits should work in your favor. Wouldn’t it be exciting to have a habit of noticing your emotional state and automatically reworking it to raise your feelings back up to positive. Let's talk about this in your Introductory Intuitive Coaching Session.

In summary, manifesting itself is a simple process but it is easy to put it off, get caught up focusing on what you don’t want, or being in a negative emotional state so that you aren’t able to attract what you do what. Manifesting is about being intentional. I’d love to teach you what I’ve learned so that you too can create a life where you take trips, have adventures, and still serve your clients!

Not quite ready for a conversation? Download this workbook: 5 Steps to Creating Your Dream Business, to start creating a change in your life now.

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