• Alyssa

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working & How Judgements are Bringing You Down

Marketing can be challenging. It is a constant process of refining your message and activities to attract the right clients…and just as you do, the market changes again!

Marketing is also so powerful and vital to your business that are the business owner, it should be on your priority task list each day and week.

So, what happens if you are doing all the right things in your marketing and still are struggling to bring in new clients?

That’s where your own personal beliefs and mindset as the business owner could be sabotaging your marketing. I know this as both a business owner of multiple businesses, and as a marketing consultant who has helped clients with their branding and marketing for over 14 years.

I’ve been where you are, both as the business woman and as the advisor navigating the marketing plan. The powerful thing is that with just a few simple tweaks, everything can come into alignment.

Mindset & Belief Shifts

Working on mindset and beliefs are unique to every person. Our own experiences and trauma, as well as other levels of experiences create beliefs that are our own. Working through them is a process of discovering what is holding you back, and discovering the source of them to fix them.

The amazing thing is that they can be released in a matter of seconds, through Theta Healing, and seconds to minutes through NLP techniques. It’s about bringing your mind and body into alignment so that the changes can be implemented throughout your life. I was working with a client on an issue that she has been unraveling for years, as many issues are, her love life & relationships. We were ‘testing’ her beliefs to discover which were holding her back, and on what level. After discerning the current resistances, I worked with her to replace those beliefs with new ones. Again, we tested to see which ones rung true to her and dig some further ‘digging’ to discover what she needed. It took about 4 different layers of beliefs to find her core belief and replace that.

By the end of the session, she felt energized and refreshed about her love life, and was ready to accept a loving relationship rather than the twisted version of love that she was attracting previously.

Listening to your Intuition & Releasing Judgement

Another common thread as humans, but especially working against us as business women, is that we are our own worst enemy – we judge ourselves constantly.

Removing the judgement allows you to live through your intuitive guidance and live fully immersed in the moment. When you appreciate each moment as it happens, you are not in a mode of judgement. Judgement actually restricts your access to your intuition and slows down your connection to love – the guiding principle of the universe.

Beliefs Holding You Back

Do you subconsciously believe that you have to always be working hard to make money? It shows up by being busy all the time in your business, even when you are successful and can be creating other plans for stability.

Or are you able to make money, yet can never hold on to it? So, you continue to have to work hard as the money just flows out of your fingers? That’s another sign of a belief that you don’t deserve to have money or success.

Watch this video below, for a highlight of this conversation.

Become an Observer of Your Life

What is coming up in your life is the lesson to learn now, in order to move forward with your next journey. You can overcome that by being an observer of your life and noticing both your emotions and your reactions to events. When you can become detached (so that you aren’t caught up in reactions) but still be present, you will create a more powerful life.

Be in the moment and approach every situation with love. Living every moment in love means living without judgement.

This morning I was reviewing my lesson on the 4th chakra, the heart chakra, which is about forgiveness and love. Forgiveness is for you, so that you can stop holding on to the past in order to move into your future.

Mindset is the mixture of the science of psychology and quantum physics, and the art of just being. Our brains are so busy thinking thoughts that they often override our intuition, in turn, preventing us from being present in the moment. Not being present also means that you are not being intentional with your time.

A huge part of high performance (another area I focus on) is being intentional in each moment to live your life to the fullest.

Be a high performer so that you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

What is stopping you from creating your future? Where are you in the present moment? Where are you judging yourself? Where are you giving yourself love freely? Love connects you to your purpose.

If you are struggling to see results in your marketing, or are stuck doing your business rather than enjoying your life, those are indicators that you are self-sabotaging yourself.

I invite you to schedule an Intro Intuitive Session so that we can discuss where you are today, dreamcast for the future, and talk about a plan for how to get you there.