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Working On Your Business, Not In It or… Being a Marketer, Not a Doer

The key to being a successful business is focusing your attention on moving it forward, rather than on keeping the current system producing…otherwise you’ll spend all day doing the same thing, day in and day out. I completely agree, but some days it just isn’t possible. Some days, I wake up with my list of things to do to grow my business and then, WHAM! My day is over and I accomplished none of those items. Sometimes meetings run late, or urgent projects come up, or something has gone wrong and must be fixed immediately. Whatever it is, it means another day that I have been in my business getting things done, but not working on it helping it to move forward.

Dan Kennedy – In Glazer-Kennedy Marketing you’ll realize that regardless of your business, you really are 
(and should be) in the marketing business. The first big leap in income occurs when a business owner moves 
from the thinking from himself as a “doer of his thing” to being a “marketer of his thing.” You may resist this 
at first due to accumulated experiences and habit of running your business in a certain way and thinking about 
yourself in a certain way, but as a Member you will shortly become liberated and arrive at the proper viewpoint 
of what business is all about. Dan Kennedy has created many other successful business owners from his teachings and they understand that not everyone can just give up the hands-on side of their business…and not all want to.

Diane Conklin – …you have to start to work ON your business instead of IN your business. So many of us when we start out, we have jobs, right? We may be working for hours from homes or we may have an office with our own business but what we really own is a job because we spend 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 or 15 hours a day doing it….
Now don’t think if you’re starting out, “Oh my gosh I have to stop”, you know baking pies, or have to stop grooming dogs because I think you started your business because you loved it. So as a marketer I should be saying you should love marketing, What I really think is if you got into the business because you love baking pies or grooming dogs or cleaning carpets, or whatever it is you did, it’s ok to keep doing that but you’ve got to find somebody that understands direct response marketing and can help you market your business.

Or find someone like me, who understands marketing, graphic design, web design and print!

Two Options To Move Forward With Your Business

Make a plan to get out of being the ‘doer’ and into a plan of being the ‘marketer’. This is the part that can be frustrating, as you make the transition over. It is when you realize that you must be working ON your business, but can’t quite reach that point yet. Don’t worry, it won’t happen overnight but if you are persistent and create a plan, it will happen.

Hire someone else to do your marketing and strategy. This is the alternative for those who either do not have the confidence or inclination to do the marketing – this is fine. It is also for those who actually prefer to be the ‘doer’ in their business; those who go into business in order to work for themselves and do the work as they wish. You may be an amazing pie maker and no one but you could do it quite right – then hire someone so that the world can find out. The vital thing is to recognize that there must be someone in your business who focuses most of their time on the marketing and business development part of the business. Whether this is you as the owner, or a specialist in the field that you hire, make sure that you are always adding more traffic into your funnel. I know many business owners (I admit, I have occasionally been guilty of this) who would go to networking events when they had the time and then become so busy they stopped all networking for months. Once business slowed down, out they were in the field again. This is not a viable model and the stop-start format of lead generation will never allow you to grow.

Which option works for you? Why? If it will be a while before you can transition, what can you do on a weekly or daily basis to slowly switch over?

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