• Alyssa

Working Towards Your Goal Each Day (Creates Your Dreams)

Are you working towards your goals each day?

This ties a little into my blog of, why do you do what you do? In that I want you to look at the bigger picture. If each day is a series of tasks, then there is very little meaning in each moment.

If, however, you have a bigger picture of what you want to achieve, then each action will have a sense of purpose to it.

If your goal is to be present and have meaningful experiences with your loved ones, then the daily tasks of even dinner or chores can be an opportunity to make stronger connections. If, however, it’s just another thing to complete in the day, then these moments can be painful and tiring. Wouldn't life be more fun and engaging if each moment was a joy and filled with passion?

The real question is, what sort of life experience do you want to have?

I shared on this video that one of my life goals revolves around travel. To meet that goal, I make it a priority each day even if it just means writing that goal down.

Watch this video for more on how I am bringing my own goals into my life (which is why I wake up at 5am each day energized and excited for the day!).

What are you doing to work towards your goals each day?

1) Do you even have a goal (or 3) in mind, that frames your daily experiences?

What this means is that you have a sense of purpose in your day. Even if it’s as simple as “today I go to work so that I can treat myself to a special gift on my trip in 5 months.”

2) Do you check in with your goal on a regular basis (daily)?

Measuring and monitoring your goal ensures that you keep it on your radar and are moving in the general direction of your goal. I say general because sometimes that path isn’t as straight and direct as we would like it to be.

3) Do you have an action plan for what you will do to reach your goal?

I help clients set goals, but then also create realistic actions and implementation steps to reach those goals. You should know what actions you need to take to move forward towards your goal.

Writing down your goals helps to solidify them in your mind, and the act of writing them is also a powerful step in the manifestation process. I highly recommend making that part of your daily morning routine :)

Only YOU can create your dreams. You are a badass business owner, so take control of your badass dreams as well!

If you feel like your dreams are no longer possible, or if you no longer dream, I would love to chat.

If you feel like work is overwhelming you and takes away from your opportunity to travel, let's chat.

The hardest part of growing isn't getting the knowledge, it's implementing what you know to make a change. If you know this, but haven't taken action, now is the time for us to chat.

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