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Your Intuition, Your Most Powerful Tool for Growing Your Business & Living Your Dream Life

Today I want to take an inward dive on how to be the best business owner (and person) you can be…how to live your life to your fullest potential.

As a Business & Intuitive Success Coach, I provide my clients with the best tools to build their business and create the life of their dreams. In addition to the habits and systems that build a foundation for success, the best tool they have access to is their intuition - yet so many people ignore it or don’t properly utilize their intuition.

  • How will listening to my intuition help my business/life?

  • How do you listen to your intuition?

  • How do you create a stronger connection to your intuition?

How will listening to my intuition help my business/life?

Did you know that there are scientific studies on the intuition? As science continues to progress, we are better able to understand those elements that used to seem magical or “out there” to the general public. Our rational/logical mind wants to have a reason for everything and to be able to justify it, whereas our intuition acts on signals too subtle to notice. It searches the past, present and future and follows hunches and feelings in a way that our logical mind can’t explain.

Listening to your intuition means that you act on the niggling feelings you get (or even the dramatic prompts) from your body.

Your subconscious notices signals that your conscious mind doesn’t and can help steer you on a course that drives your business to greater success, or to experiences that teach you the lessons you need for your journey. Listening to your intuition means following the actions that feel good. When you act on what your intuition tells you, then you will find that life becomes smoother as you work towards your goals.

I can tell you from personal experience, as well as the experiences of those close to me, that living a life where you follow your intuition results in a greater sense of joy, and ease, as you create your dreams. Interested to learn more? Contact me for an easy, fun “get-acquainted” call to see how this could help your business.

How do you listen to your intuition?

Intuition is a feeling that starts in your gut, but the message may be shared with other parts of your body. Hence, some people listen to their gut feeling, but others feel it in their body as a tenseness, or overwhelming feeling of excitement. Your body (and subconscious) has a deeper wisdom than your conscious mind can understand.

Listen to your intuition (at crossroads) to create your dream business

Listening to your intuition can be a subconscious action, such as noting when a situation, plan, comment, person, or experience, etc. makes you feel either positive or negative. It can also be focused, where you purposely turn inwards and ask a question and see how it feels within your body.

The simplest way is to drop your focus to your heart, and from there, drop down into your gut. That way you are viewing from a place of unconditional love, without judgement, and can clearly hear the message being sent to you.

How do you create a stronger connection to your intuition?

The very act of proactively reaching for your intuition to discover answers will help you strengthen your connection with your intuition. It’s almost as if you are building a relationship with it – the more you listen, the more it wants to ‘talk’ and the more confidence you will gain in following the guidance you receive.

  • Keep a journal - writing thoughts and ideas as they happen helps to encourage your unconscious mind and helps raise your awareness of what it is thinking

  • Meditate - clear your mind of overthinking and just ‘be’, just focus on your breath. You may have insights that arise during or after meditation

  • Get creative - that creative flow is where you are unknowingly accessing and encouraging your subconscious

  • Get out in nature - nature has a strong connection to our instinctual side and can help free your mind from our technological lives

  • Pay attention to sudden feelings or insight - when you walk in a room and feel a change in emotion, or when you are out alone - listen to it. The more you listen & notice your intuition, the more in tune you will become with it

  • Follow your gut - notice your body’s reaction to situations or thoughts. Even better, drop your focus into your heart and then down to your gut to notice what your body is saying. If you have a decision, sit in a quiet place and meditate on it to see what insight comes back to you.

  • Feel, don’t think - just be and notice if you are trapped in the same thoughts or are really listening to your body

  • Repetitive habits (showering) - do something where your brain almost shuts off, you don’t have to think what you are doing. This is why so many great ideas come in the shower.

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