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Your Vision of Yourself (Your Future) Defines You, Not Your Past

If you think who you are is based on what you've done, then you'll always be stuck in the past because you see your past as your future.⁠ You are choosing to live from your past.

To live the future you dream of, you must choose your actions and behaviors based on the person you are becoming - the ideal future of yourself that lives in that reality.⁠

How do you do this? First, you must realize that:⁠

a. Your identity is shaped by your behavior.⁠

b. Your behavior is shaped by your environment and your habits.⁠

c. Decision fatigue is real. This is that you only have a limited capacity of willpower in a day. Just like a muscle, it becomes fatigued after use through the day.⁠

(Watch the video for more in-depth details)

Therefore, to create a successful business where you have the freedom to live the life you love, do these things:⁠

1) You must set up your environment to support your goals and most important tasks for the day. This means removing negative triggers from your space, and adding in positive triggers to help create the habits that move you forward. Does your environment support your future goals?⁠

2) Create a routine that drives you towards your goal. Over time, your new routine will become a habit that you no longer have to make a decision about. It is just what you do, and who you are.⁠

3) Be 100% committed to your goal. Then you don't have to make a decision about whether or not you'll commit to the right actions.⁠

4) Build a support system. Get buy-in from those in your life that can help you when times get tough or when you are fatigued and it's easier to waver. Find an accountability buddy. Get a coach that will help you create, and hold you accountable, to a game plan to reach your goals.⁠

How are you letting your past drive you? Rather than your future pull you?

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