Alyssa Williamson is a goddess powerhouse with more intellect & integrated heart than anyone I've ever met! Her clear intuition, presence, vibrant personality & gifted insight are a gentle yet direct guidance to one's highest potential in business & in life.


Her guidance got me through the single most challenging situation in my life; I was able to gain clarity and rediscover my path. Thank you Alyssa!

"Alyssa's guidance got me through the single most challenging situation in my life."
Mary C.
Founder of Caring Essentials



Having you (the expert) to take the reins on this made it all possible….to give this baby to you and I felt confident that you were going to take care of it for me.”

“You exuded the feeling of trustworthiness and confidence. Everything about the way we connected instilled a sense of confidence that you would take care of it.”

"You were so nurturing and the level of direction made it easier to tell my story. Marketing language is different than scientific / nursing language."

I did like the working calls. It was helpful - an hour of time working on this project."

"You have this beautiful demeanor to understand your client's goals. You have this intuitive knowledge. You were able to listen, ask questions and process it to get under the skin of what I wanted to get to the world."

"You've absolutely got to hire Alyssa. You need someone who can make you feel supported. It was wonderful working with you!"
Kassandra G.
News Reporter



While working with success coach, Alyssa Williamson, I learned a lot about myself, and what it means to be tune in to my inner self. I continue to carry the wealth of knowledge she has shared with me to this day, for example ways of feeling calm with simple motions and sense of smell (I learned the smell of lemon makes me calm), and seeing things in life as experiences. As a journalist I take on a variety of challenging stories, Alyssa's coaching has helped me process and cope with difficult topics such as human trafficking. 


My favorite part about working with Alyssa is her great listening skills, I always feel heard and can see how attentive she is with me as a client. She really focused on my needs at the time, and helped me walk through not only visualizing but writing and acting on my goals. Alyssa has a wealth of knowledge, a kind heart and really cares about a person's success. I am so honored and thankful to have had the chance of exploring my life goals, what makes me happy and what works for me with Alyssa. Thank you endlessly Alyssa, for your kind words, support and comfort!

"Alyssa has a wealth of knowledge, a kind heart and really cares about [your] success."
Shiloh P.
Business Owner



Before meeting with Alyssa, I had no idea what a business coach did or how they could help me. I thought it was only something that seasoned professionals would benefit from. I couldn't have been more wrong! Alyssa had amazing ideas from how to better source clients to long term business strategies. I loved working with her to create client personas for my ideal clients and creating communications to target them directly.


She has helped me connect with many other professionals in the community that have now become valued referral sources. If you have ever struggled with taking your business to the next level, work with Alyssa. She will get you there using proven and creative strategies. Thank you Alyssa for all of your help!

"If you have ever struggled with taking your business to the next level, work with Alyssa."



Eugene, Oregon

Livermore, California


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